Mitch Barnhill

I enjoy effective marketing & strong coffee. 

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Hi. Howdy. Hello. 

I'm a digital marketer / craft beer enthusiast / Indianapolis native.  On this website you can find my personal blog where I talk about some of my favorite things - creativity, lead gen, social media strategy, craft beer, and more.



Looking to learn more about Mitch? Read some words about where I've been and get connected on social media!

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Interested in digital or social media marketing? What about good craft beer? Check out my blogs to learn more!

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Since 2013, I have been working in the realm of digital marketing. I've had the fortunate opportunity to work in a number of various industries on a variety of brands, which have shaped the marketer I am today.

PS — I am not a photographer, but this is a badass picture of a 1980's Minolta... I digress. Take a look at my digital marketing portfolio!

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