There are some 500 million tweets sent every single day. As you can imagine, that is a considerable amount of noise coming from their 320 million active users. With its foundation firmly rooted in 140 characters, it can be a real challenge to effectively reach your audience on Twitter and more importantly, move them to engage with your content. Crafting the perfect tweet is truly an art, and these three tips will help you break through the noise.


This is not rocket science – tweets with a striking, correctly sized image will receive substantially better engagement. Don’t believe me? The social media analytics company, Buffer, states that tweets with optimized images are 150% more likely to be retweeted.

Optimized images are crucial. If a majority of your followers come from a desktop computer use a 2:1 ratio on your image (880px by 440px), but if they are mainly on mobile then use a 16:9 ratio (880px by 495px). You want to ensure that your followers are receiving the best possible experience as they view your tweet in their feed. 

The Adidas Soccer Twitter account (@adidassoccer) is known for their bold images and vivid colors. The tweet below is the perfect example of an effective image. It is not cluttered, it shows the product clearly, and it even includes their logo!


Do you use hashtags ironically? Are you creating your own hashtags in order to start conversations? If so, you may be using this essential feature incorrectly. The most effective way to increase the reach for your tweets is to jump on to existing hashtags with your own unique spin. This way you are joining the conversation, while adding value in your own way. Below is an excellent example of hashtag usage from Taco Bell (@tacobell).

Now, you tell me – do you usually associate Taco Bell with Valentine’s Day? This is a fantastic tweet for a couple of reasons: they hopped on a popular hashtag, used their brand’s humorous culture, and topped it off with a eye-catching image.



Finally, there is the call to action (CTA). Twitter is about much more than throwing right hooks (asking for the sale), but it still can be a powerful selling tool. Your call to action can be about reading your content, entering a contest, or even retweeting your tweet!

It’s important that you stick to ONE strong call to action. There is no point in confusing your followers with 4 calls to action in a single tweet. Here is a perfect call to action example from one of my favorite actors/humans, Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt).

Notice how the CTA is written with the audience in mind, as the tweet flows naturally with the rest of his feed. His message is concise, lighthearted, and his commits to a single “ask”, all of which entice his followers to click on the link.


Every day your 140 characters compete with millions of other tweets, so keep hustling and continue adding value to your followers. Do you have any other tips and tricks that you use for effective tweets? Leave me a comment on what works best for you!

Mitch BarnhillComment